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Snow white skin and blood-red lips. Fairytale princess or creature of the night?

As Cinder struggles to come to terms with being the Lycan Queen, a keen new police detective arrives in town. With something to prove, the young detective threatens to expose their secret lives. To escape the heat, Cinder and Angus set off to find Dom. Freed from her oppressive mother, Cinder’s romance with Angus strengthens. But romance is not the only thing that has awoken because of their union. Something dark, ancient, and powerful is stirring in the shadows. The worlds of the Vampires, Werewolves, and Nephilim will once again become intertwined.
The “New Mother” is coming.


Hearts and Diamonds

Cinder and Black

I’m Cinder and I have a secret, many really. 
From the outside, my life might seem easy, spoilt, even glamorous. Trust me, it’s not. 
I have the big house with the magnificent view and people to do my cooking and cleaning. I have everything I need and nothing I want.
But I meet someone. Someone kind, strong, reckless. Mother would not approve.
With him I feel free for the first time in years, but why have my nightmares returned and what is he doing every night while I sleep?
I’m Cinder and I’m beginning a new life. Will it be more dangerous than the one I am leaving behind?
Oh yes, don’t go out around here at night.



Maxx Victor is an Australian author and educator. His science fiction and supernatural books weave together action, humor, romance, and adventure with a cast of relatable, flawed characters.

Photo by Danni Reeve



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